Tunnel Mole Trap, with Video Instructions

The tunnel mole trap (or Duffus type) is our best-selling trap.
It is easy to set and consistently successful.

This product includes three instructional videos

“The Tunnel Trap and how to set it” (3 minutes)
“Finding a Mole Run and installing a Tunnel Trap” (9 minutes)
“Tunnel Trap aftercare” (5 minutes)

A link to the Videos comes with parcel.


This is the best tunnel mole trap on the market in our view. It is made of stainless steel, will last for years and is made in England.

Unfortunately the tunnel trap has a poor reputation because most people buy cheaply made copies, and so have limited success with them.

Most professional mole catchers use this type, and also this particular brand. Ten years ago, before sending them out, we had to adjust and check every trap, and then leave them for 24 hours to make sure they didn’t creep off. But the manufacturers have constantly improved them (probably as a result of gentle nudges from us!), and they should now work “out of the box”. Moles do not bend the wires as they do on so many other brands, and these can be set time after time without having to be adjusted. It is the only tunnel mole trap we have found with these properties.

Our videos show you exactly how to arm the tunnel mole trap, how to find mole runs, and how to install them – as well as how to tune them so that they will work at their best. We don’t go out to set traps without a mole run probe either.

You can buy cheaper tunnel mole traps, and many will have weak springs, thin wire loops and poor design – good luck with them. We think responsible trappers should buy the best, and know how to set them properly. The permitted trapping of mammals in the UK is also governed by law.

A link to the Videos comes with the parcel.

Tricky one this, because “one mole make a lot o’ show”! And who are we to say?!

If you have a small garden, two. Larger gardens of over an acre it could be five – more than that needs more than that. For a paddock, start with five tunnel mole traps and buy more when you need them. Try to set two or three in a 30 foot diameter circle.

And if you’re in charge of an 18 hole golf course you might have thirty or more.

You’ll have to decide, but it is rare for a customer to order less than three ….

Mole catching made easy

4.0 rating
15 October, 2020

Set the trap for the first time for a tricky mole yesterday and today bingo caught firmly in the jaws the trap worked well.
Easy to set with the setting key.


Recent purchase of half barrel and putange traps together with custom spade

5.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Whilst on holiday in Norfolk I dropped in to see Chris as I am expanding my pest control remit to include mole trapping. I was given extremely good and practical advice and have hence purchased some high quality half barrel and putange traps along with his custom spade. The online videos and training provided are extremely helpful.
Many thanks!


Talpex Traps

4.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Out of the many different types of traps I have tried, these have been the best/most successful for me and are of excellent quality.


Mole catching supplies

5.0 rating
7 October, 2020

Excellent, prompt service – will use again!