Molecatcher's Spade


A border spade with a specially sharpened and pointed blade for mole catching.

Please note this can only be sent by carrier to the UK mainland, and we cannot accept orders from elsewhere.

Nor can it be packaged with anything else, and it therefore has its own charge for separate packaging and delivery which is included on the basket page.


This spade is exactly the same width as a tunnel trap. Made in India, the lower shaft and blade are of carbon steel and the upper shaft and handle are of sturdy plastic.

This is a border, or small spade, and we have the blade end specially sharpened and ground to a point here in England. This makes it far easier to dig into lawns and turf than with a conventional spade. With this spade and having learnt how to use a tunnel trap, you should be able, once you have located and marked out a run using a probe, to dig out the turf, set the trap, cover it and be walking away in under a minute and a half!

French moles!

5.0 rating
27 May, 2019

These were recommended to us by a friend; the mole catchers in France are far from effective and so we will be spreading the word to our neighbours and friends about your great product!


Job done

5.0 rating
15 May, 2019

Received the trap in two days , easy to follow videos and instructions . set the trap the next day, checked in 24 hours , Bingo !!


Success !!! Mole Problem Sorted in 3 days 🙂

5.0 rating
3 May, 2019

Last year the first molehills appeared in our lawn after moving here 17 years ago. Bought a Beagle trap from amazon set it up in a few places round the lawn over several weeks & failed to trap anything. Thought they went away over winter. A few weeks ago new molehills appeared with mole activity clearly visible – new molehills appearing and new soil being pushed up almost daily. Searched online, studied several different sites. I felt the site was the most convincing. Bought the Mole Catching Starter Kit with two tunnel traps Manual and Six Videos. Read the manual thoroughly. Watched all the videos. Set and placed the two traps, carefully following the instructions. Checking them the next day, there was one dead mole !!. Left the traps for 3 days checking each day, on the third day a second dead mole !! Same trap but coming from the opposite direction. Have continued to leave traps, but so far no more dead moles, but no more mole activity either. Very pleased with the kit, using the one piece mole run probe was really easy, setting the traps and placing them as instructed was straightforward. And the result was most satisfactory. In different properties over the years before moving here, I have tried to catch invading moles using borrowed traps and NEVER succeeded. Soooo glad to have found this site and finally discover that with the right equipment and great instructions, it actually seemed really easy !!! I expect to get a lot more use out of the equipment in the future as I can see a lot of molehills in the adjacent cemetery – not sure how we got away mole free for so long.


Excellent service

5.0 rating
16 April, 2019

The mole-catching kit arrived very quickly, as I explained I needed it before going away. I haven’t tried it out yet as the moles have gone quiet, but all arrived as described and the on-line video tutorial looks very clear