Putange Mole Traps with Triggers


French wine and French food are hard to beat. Don’t let’s take that away from them: but their Putange Mole Traps are excellent as well.

You will need a setting key or some setting pliers too: please don’t even think you can set these traps with just your precious fingers.

Normally used in pairs, so the minimum order is 4 traps.

Please read the instructions that come with the traps carefully: we hope to have a full instructional video soon too.


28 in stock

Tie the triggers to the main trap loops – otherwise you’ll lose them! (It’s worth ordering some spare triggers too).

To set these traps you might well need to buy a setting key from us for £4.99. Click on the image.

Mole catchers in France have used the Putange mole trap for decades. Many say for centuries! The Putange is sold all over France in garden centres and hardware stores, and ours are made in England of 5.5mm mild steel. They are simple and effective, and we recommend them – especially for those who find the strong springs of a tunnel trap awkward.

Please note that if you are buying these for the first time you will need either some Putange setting pliers or a setting key: you cannot easily arm the trigger with just your fingers, which are also reasonably valuable to you ….

Comprehensive Instructions on arming the Putange mole trap, and how to set them, come with the parcel.

Tricky one this, because “one mole make a lot o’ show”! And who are we to say?!

Because we usually use two of these in the place of one tunnel or Talpex trap, you can safely double up on normal estimates. So, if you have a small garden, two, minimum. Larger gardens of over an acre it could be six or more – more than that needs more than that. For a paddock, start with ten and buy more when you need them. Try to find a couple of runs in a 30 foot diameter circle.

And if you’re in charge of a golf course you might have fifty or more.

Mole catching made easy

4.0 rating
15 October, 2020

Set the trap for the first time for a tricky mole yesterday and today bingo caught firmly in the jaws the trap worked well.
Easy to set with the setting key.


Recent purchase of half barrel and putange traps together with custom spade

5.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Whilst on holiday in Norfolk I dropped in to see Chris as I am expanding my pest control remit to include mole trapping. I was given extremely good and practical advice and have hence purchased some high quality half barrel and putange traps along with his custom spade. The online videos and training provided are extremely helpful.
Many thanks!


Talpex Traps

4.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Out of the many different types of traps I have tried, these have been the best/most successful for me and are of excellent quality.


Mole catching supplies

5.0 rating
7 October, 2020

Excellent, prompt service – will use again!