The Mole Trapping Manual and six Instructional Videos

Our Mole Trapping Guide, with over 40 pages, is a complete Manual for mole traps and trapping, and is well worth every penny. We include it in all our kits.

The Manual is an e-book, readable online, and the teaching videos are online as well.

After you order we will email you with the link and password to The Molecatching Manual and to all six videos.



Our Mole Trapping Manual of over 40 pages and the accompanying  six instructional videos were written and made by the late Chris Boone, founder of, as a comprehensive guide to mole traps and trapping. It has been constantly updated, and should get you trapping moles quickly, efficiently and responsibly. Careful study of it all can save you hours of time and frustration.

Mole trapping is also governed by the law in the UK, and we encourage you to handle and set traps safely and properly.

Subjects covered include

Finding a mole run
The Tunnel Trap and how to set it
The Talpex trap and how to set it
Trap tuning and other details

The videos are

Tools for Catching Moles
Finding a Mole Run and installing a Tunnel Trap
The Talpex Trap: how to set it, finding a Mole Run with a Probe, and installing a Talpex Trap
Tunnel Trap aftercare
A short Video on the Mole Run Probe only
The Tunnel Trap and how to set it

Mr mole

5.0 rating
14 October, 2019

Been driven mad as we are surrounded by fields. Normally get the local mole man however, it’s getting pricey. Chris was very helpful and the traps/videos are top notch. Got mr mole! The reason I had failed on previous attempts was he was a monster. His width was wider than than the scissors. Got him. Great company. Well done. ATVB. Alan Mac

Alan Mac

Mole Run Probe

5.0 rating
2 October, 2019

I don’t how I ever got on without one of these!


Reducing Guesswork

5.0 rating
12 September, 2019

A local contractor (family friend) cleared our garden of mole hills. He thought there maybe the odd one still around in the historical tunnels in our unploughed pasture. We didn’t mind them so much in a few places in our fields, but not in a lawn to the extent that makes mowing it difficult.
Anyway, Phil was right. A couple of new hills appeared. I had become fascinated by their amazing abilities and found this method whilst researching online. After nearly 60 years experience of successfully designing experiments to separate fact from fiction on all manner of problems, I recognised the way that this method and kit had been developed; it was like reading one of my own reports. I knew that this had to be the real deal.
So, I bought the kit. Being a novice, I followed the instructions step by step and set a trap one evening. I’d read some reviews about catching a mole with the first trap, but I’m a really average guy getting results by working long hours; double and treble checking everything I do. But I just had to check that trap first thing next morning, just in case. It had sprung (in the direction I expected!). Yes, a mole in the first trap, with little effort.
That was years ago. We’ve down sized house into the village now and I’m helping neighbours clearing their lawns up. One mole with first trap set in each case. All quiet now. Lemon drizzle cake as prezzies.


Simply the best.

5.0 rating
13 August, 2019

I have been using your products successfully for quite a few years.
I contribute my success to your product design and, equally so, to the knowledge and informative tips that you have shared.
Product quality has also improved over the years. Thank you.