The Mole Trapping Manual and six Instructional Videos

Our Mole Trapping Guide, with over 40 pages, is a complete Manual for mole traps and trapping, and is well worth every penny. We include it in all our kits.

The Manual is an e-book, readable online, and the teaching videos are online as well.

After you order we will email you with the link and password to The Molecatching Manual and to all six videos.


Our Mole Trapping Manual of over 40 pages and the accompanying  six instructional videos were written and made by the late Chris Boone, founder of, as a comprehensive guide to mole traps and trapping. It has been constantly updated, and should get you trapping moles quickly, efficiently and responsibly. Careful study of it all can save you hours of time and frustration.

Mole trapping is also governed by the law in the UK, and we encourage you to handle and set traps safely and properly.

Subjects covered include

Finding a mole run
The Tunnel Trap and how to set it
The Talpex trap and how to set it
Trap tuning and other details

The videos are

Tools for Catching Moles
Finding a Mole Run and installing a Tunnel Trap
The Talpex Trap: how to set it, finding a Mole Run with a Probe, and installing a Talpex Trap
Tunnel Trap aftercare
A short Video on the Mole Run Probe only
The Tunnel Trap and how to set it

Tunnel traps work!!!

5.0 rating
1 July, 2020

Received my fourth lot of tunnel traps today.i have them dotted around the land I keep mole free and they do work.I have had poor results with scissor traps and Talpex traps in the past but these tunnel traps work for me.Easy to set.I find if you ensure that the mole run has no obstructions in,small stones or dirt then they catch great.


success at last

5.0 rating
28 June, 2020

After several attempts with various traps i have now found the ones that have worked.After viewing the videos and reading the instruction
everything has worked out right after just a few days.


Good results and good kit

5.0 rating
23 June, 2020

I am delighted to advise two successful captures in 48 hours… the kit is very well built and once you watch the videos and understand how they work, they are straightforward to set up. I am happy to recommend the kit and videos to any one being plagued by moles


Beginner Mole Catcher

5.0 rating
21 June, 2020

Very good website selling only quality traps and equipment. Very impressed with service and quality of traps and found the instructional manuals and videos really useful as a beginner to mole catching. Without this I would have struggled to locate tunnels and set traps correctly which is so critical to the success of trapping.