Mole Run Probe, with Video Instructions


A Mole Run Probe is an absolutely essential item – we wouldn’t go to set traps without one.
And – at about 32″ (80cm) it’s long enough to use with bending double!

FOR OVERSEAS DELIVERY – for UK Delivery please select the One Piece Probe

The full length probe is too large for a Royal Mail parcel. In the UK we can deliver these by carrier, but for overseas delivery we supply this two-piece probe which can be posted anywhere in the world with Royal Mail.



A Mole Run Probe is a vital piece of equipment that no mole catcher should be without. We have these made for us in England, at about 80cms long – unlike cheaper rivals. So nor more stooping. They’re made of steel rod and brightly powder-coated in orange so you can see it on the ground.

One of the trickiest problems when mole catching is finding the mole run. This probe makes that task far easier than using a screwdriver, electric fencing post or any of the dozens of other probes that are in use.

The tip is of a larger diameter than the shaft of the rod. When you push the rod through the ground, it creates a larger hole than the shaft. This means that when you hit a mole run, you feel the distinct ‘drop’ into the tunnel as the shaft of the tool is not being gripped by the soil. In fact you can sometimes feel if you have hit the side of a tunnel rather than the middle.

You’ll need a 13mm or adjustable spanner to make up the joint, preferably tightening it up in a vice. It is shown in the second photograph.

The link to the Instruction Video will come with the parcel.

Reducing Guesswork

5.0 rating
12 September, 2019

A local contractor (family friend) cleared our garden of mole hills. He thought there maybe the odd one still around in the historical tunnels in our unploughed pasture. We didn’t mind them so much in a few places in our fields, but not in a lawn to the extent that makes mowing it difficult.
Anyway, Phil was right. A couple of new hills appeared. I had become fascinated by their amazing abilities and found this method whilst researching online. After nearly 60 years experience of successfully designing experiments to separate fact from fiction on all manner of problems, I recognised the way that this method and kit had been developed; it was like reading one of my own reports. I knew that this had to be the real deal.
So, I bought the kit. Being a novice, I followed the instructions step by step and set a trap one evening. I’d read some reviews about catching a mole with the first trap, but I’m a really average guy getting results by working long hours; double and treble checking everything I do. But I just had to check that trap first thing next morning, just in case. It had sprung (in the direction I expected!). Yes, a mole in the first trap, with little effort.
That was years ago. We’ve down sized house into the village now and I’m helping neighbours clearing their lawns up. One mole with first trap set in each case. All quiet now. Lemon drizzle cake as prezzies.


Simply the best.

5.0 rating
13 August, 2019

I have been using your products successfully for quite a few years.
I contribute my success to your product design and, equally so, to the knowledge and informative tips that you have shared.
Product quality has also improved over the years. Thank you.


Success at last. Brilliant product.

5.0 rating
24 July, 2019

After trying several different methods for getting rid of the menace causing havoc in my garden, I decided to try the kit from As they say on their website ‘Mole Catching is easy, once you know how’ and that is so true.
I have tried with cheap traps before and failed, but this site sells quality traps and well thought out tools, complete with detailed instructions which are very good.
Following the instructions, I installed my first trap and unbelievably caught a mole the next day. Replaced the trap and caught another one the following day. Have caught a total of 4 moles to date and no more evidence of mole activity has been seen.
Absolutely brilliant product with clear and concise instructions. If I can catch the devastating blighters, anyone can.


French moles!

5.0 rating
27 May, 2019

These were recommended to us by a friend; the mole catchers in France are far from effective and so we will be spreading the word to our neighbours and friends about your great product!