Mole Run Probe, One Piece, with Video Instructions

The Mole Run Probe is an absolutely essential item – we wouldn’t go to set traps without one.
And – at about 32″ (80cm) – it’s long enough to use without bending double!

FOR UK DELIVERY ONLY – for Overseas Delivery please select the Two Piece Probe

The full length probe is too large for a Royal Mail parcel. In the UK we can deliver these by carrier, but for overseas delivery we supply the two-piece probe which can be posted anywhere in the world with Royal Mail.

It helps too if you can advise us of a “safe place” for the carrier to leave without your being carded.


A Mole Run Probe is a vital piece of equipment that no mole catcher should be without. We have these specially made for us in England, at a full 32″ long (80 cms in new money) – unlike cheaper rivals. So no more stooping. They’re made of steel rod and brightly powder-coated in orange so you can see it on the ground.

One of the trickiest problems when mole catching is finding the mole run. This mole run probe makes that task far easier than using a screwdriver, electric fencing post or any of the dozens of other tools you might think of.

The tip is of a larger diameter than the shaft of the rod. When you push the rod through the ground, it creates a larger hole than the shaft. This means that when you hit a mole run, you feel the distinct ‘drop’ into the tunnel because the shaft of the tool is not being gripped by the soil.  In fact you can sometimes feel if you have hit the side of a tunnel rather than the middle.

Too large for parcel post, we send this mole run probe (UK only) by courier, so if possible in the “Order Notes” box on the checkout page please put a Safe Delivery Place, i.e. neighbour, porch, etc.

For orders to be shipped outside the UK

Please order the Two Piece Mole Run Probe – which we can post overseas.

A link to the Instruction Video comes with the parcel.


Mole catching made easy

4.0 rating
15 October, 2020

Set the trap for the first time for a tricky mole yesterday and today bingo caught firmly in the jaws the trap worked well.
Easy to set with the setting key.


Recent purchase of half barrel and putange traps together with custom spade

5.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Whilst on holiday in Norfolk I dropped in to see Chris as I am expanding my pest control remit to include mole trapping. I was given extremely good and practical advice and have hence purchased some high quality half barrel and putange traps along with his custom spade. The online videos and training provided are extremely helpful.
Many thanks!


Talpex Traps

4.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Out of the many different types of traps I have tried, these have been the best/most successful for me and are of excellent quality.


Mole catching supplies

5.0 rating
7 October, 2020

Excellent, prompt service – will use again!