Mole Catching Kit with Talpex Traps, Manual and 6 Videos – UK mainland only

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This Mole Catching Kit includes the Manual (with the Videos) at half price, a one-piece Mole Run Probe, our “Run Preparation Tool” and a minimum of 2 Talpex Traps.

Only for sale by carrier within the UK Mainland. For overseas delivery by Royal Mail parcel please go to the kit with the two-piece Probe here

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Mole catching made easy

This Mole Catching Kit contains two or more Talpex traps, a one-piece Mole Run Probe, the online Manual and Videos, and our “Run Preparation Tool” – a rather grand name for a 10″ length of wire with two bends in it!

The only additional items you need are a small spade, with a blade no more than 6 inches wide, and a marker stick or two. You can use a normal sized spade but then you will need a trowel as well. Our Mole Catching Spades are available too here.

As far as we know this is the only system in the world like it, i.e. with the equipment and the knowledge sold as one integrated package.The first mole is often caught within 24 hours!

The link for the online Manual and videos will be sent to you when your order is despatched.

Mole catching made easy

4.0 rating
15 October, 2020

Set the trap for the first time for a tricky mole yesterday and today bingo caught firmly in the jaws the trap worked well.
Easy to set with the setting key.


Recent purchase of half barrel and putange traps together with custom spade

5.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Whilst on holiday in Norfolk I dropped in to see Chris as I am expanding my pest control remit to include mole trapping. I was given extremely good and practical advice and have hence purchased some high quality half barrel and putange traps along with his custom spade. The online videos and training provided are extremely helpful.
Many thanks!


Talpex Traps

4.0 rating
9 October, 2020

Out of the many different types of traps I have tried, these have been the best/most successful for me and are of excellent quality.


Mole catching supplies

5.0 rating
7 October, 2020

Excellent, prompt service – will use again!