Is there a certain time of year to catch moles?

Simply put, if they are active they can be caught. A lot depends on how hard the ground is but providing it is soft enough for the mole to dig and for you to find the run, then you can catch them.

How many traps do I need?

You need enough traps initially to clear an area of moles. It is no use thinking that you are going to clear a heavily infested garden with one trap. Once an area is cleared then you need far fewer traps to keep it clear. It is difficult to advise on how many traps are needed without actually visiting a site.  As a rough guide, a small garden two traps, a medium 3 to 4, and a large one 4 to 5. Alternatively work a section of the garden at a time, but we would recommend that you have a minimum of three traps, and that you set them all within a 30ft diameter circle.

Which type of trap is best?

In our view the best all round trap is the Duffus or tunnel trap, closely rivalled by the Talpex trap. However, whatever type of trap you use you must buy good quality traps, and that is a minefield! See our Mole Trap Review.

Do I need to weather my new traps?

You will get lots of advice about burying your mole traps to get rid of the smell. Don’t bother. We use them brand new and have never noticed any difference between new traps and old traps.

Do I need to wear gloves?

If you want to keep your hands clean, yes. From the moles point of view it does not matter. Some claim that you must do everything to keep the smell off the traps but we don’t subscribe to that. We often have diesel, blood, and the smell of dogs on our gloves.