About Us

Molecatching.com was started round about the turn of the century, by the late Chris Boone. The son of a farmer, he was a soldier for twelve years, and then in turn a farmer himself, and a true countryman. He spent over 50 years catching moles, and became fascinated by the whole subject, and an expert at it.

He was dismissive of poor equipment, and tested everything he could find to get to the best, and started the business to teach others how to catch moles, and to sell only what really works.

When Chris died, the business transferred to me, Christopher Lloyd Owen. He and  I had known each other since childhood and had become great friends. His instructional videos are still what we offer because they are timeless, comprehensive and to the point. 

The traps we sell are only the best and our mole run probes are made for us here in Norfolk. The mole catcher’s spades are specially ground to a point for us in the next door village. The 40 page Molecatching Manual tells exactly how to do everything and includes access to six online videos.


His system works, but Chris was always keen to learn of anything new, or to be corrected on any point. He was emphatic that watching the videos and reading the Manual was essential – and time-saving.  Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. And I am happy to follow that. Do please get in touch if you think I need to change anything.